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Postby 101dalmatians » Sun Mar 17, 2013 9:13 am

Yeah... Went pretty well... Although ended pretty badly for me...

007math tied Bobby Shen - U gonna win state this yr 007math? That will be pretty awesome!
as for nsguy - placed in everything

Stupid thing they didnt award top guns for like other grades except for seniors :(

NS and CA went great :), MA was lower than wished for :(, SC was EPIC FAILURE :'(

NS: 245 4th 10th grade, Tied for best score this yr for me
CA: 252 6th 10th grade, Best score this yr for me
MA: 238 8th 10th grade, kinda my avg score this yr - doesnt surprise me
SC: 106 lowest score - but I can redeem myself nxt yr (I have no idea what I placed!)

CA made me so happy when I got my score but when I got my place (6th) I was soo mad cuz I thought I would place in the top!
Well unfortunately, the 1st place was only 10 pts away which kinda pissed me off
Then I look at my test - cone problem - I put the radius instead of the diameter - which costed me like probably 3rd place!
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