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Postby gidyup1313 » Fri Sep 20, 2013 1:52 pm

As most of you have read, Mr. Potter will soon be shutting down the website. You also have read that the Virtual Challenge Meets and Mr. Potter have been working on migrating the components of the Texas Competitive Mathematics Site to the Virtual Challenge Meets website. I am happy to announce that we have completed the migration of the Texas Math Forum, complete with all of the previous message boards, threads and posts...we were also able to allow everyone to keep the same usernames and passwords. I will be advising Mr. Potter that the migration is complete and he at some point will disable access to the Texas Math Forum from this website. The Virtual Challenge Meets website is:

On the Home Page, up at the top, you will see FORUMS...once there, choose the Texas Forum (we may rename at some point in the future)...if you have any trouble with your previous Username and Password, please contact me at

I hope all of you will stay active in the has been around for a long time and has been a tremendous resource to students and coaches across the State...I am honored that Mr. Potter has entrusted the future of the forum to us and I hope all of you will help us keep it a viable and important clearinghouse of information for years to come.

We are currently working with UIL and other entities to continue to make available to you downloads of previous UIL Tests and results from Academic Meets across the State, plus the Seven Llamas District/Regional/State compilations on the Virtual Challenge Meet Website. These components are valuable tools for coaches and students and we intend to continue these important features. We will make a similar announcement when this stage of the migration is complete.

Thank you

Chuck Thompson
The Virtual Challenge Meets
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